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Finding the perfect CGI content for the media-based attractions you manufacture can be tricky.

Moreover, with so many media companies out there, it's nearly impossible you got the right CGI Content Partner on the first try and without encountering obstacles.

Think about it…

How many times someone has offered your customers some very old CGI content at full price, passing it off as brand new or, even worse, managed to sell them a movie way below their expectations or terribly boring because too long or not exciting at all? And this is just the tip of the iceberg: slow after-sale support or any at all, awkward delays in content delivery, extra costs that unexpectedly came during the production...There are many setbacks that you may have to face and that can cost you A LOT.

Get ready to say goodbye to all that!

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How to help your clients find the CGI content that will perfectly match their media-based attractions.


All the questions you should ask yourself and the answers you should look for to make sure you find a reliable CGI Content Partner and get the most out of the digital attractions you manufacture.


How to steer clear of bottlenecks and misunderstandings and impress your customers.


All the secrets behind CGI content for media-based attractions, revealed by the company specialized in it.

Including inspiration and insight from some of the leading industry players, this handy resource has the answers to turn your dream media-based attractions into a profitable reality!

This is what amusement professionals, just like you, say about the advantages of working with a company that is specialized in its respective field.

“Red Raion is a dynamic CGI movie production house. This is key for Triotech as we like to work with media partners that have an integrated view of content making and understand the world of attractions.”

- Ernest Yale, President, CEO & Founder at Triotech

“Red Raion’s strengths in telling a good story along with quality special effects marries up with our motion technology to create a fully immersive and engaging event. As they say, content is king!”

- Howard Kiedaisch, CEO at MediaMation Inc.

“ is always looking to partner with the pioneers of the industry. We have been successfully working with many companies in the entertainment industry. Being a young and progressive company with a lot of revolutionary ideas we definitely need support from companies with similar vision and strategy. What we have experienced over the years, is that it is really hard to find high-quality content available for distribution and at a very reasonable cost. As Red Raion is one of the leaders in high-quality content production, we believe that dome format shows will be definitely the future. The industry has a huge need for high-quality dome shows.”

- Yana Fedorova, Head of Business Development at Fulldome Pro

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